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Otter Skillfully Steals My Smartphone
Feb. 20th, 2022
Otter Kotaro finds the smartphone in dad’s pocket and skillfully pulls it out in several occasions. Of course he wan...
The History of Otters Kotaro & Hana – 1 Million Subscribers Special
Jan. 29th, 2022
Congratulations for the Kotsumet Family to their first million YouTube subscribers. This video is a timeline of about 4 ye...
Otter Runs and Cuddles Her Dad’s Arm When He Calls Her
Dec. 8th, 2021
Otter Hana can’t disguise the fact that she can be an absolute cuddle-monster. When she’s feeling cuddly, one ...
Funny Otter Hits a Ball in Mid-Air Like a Volleyball Player
Nov. 12th, 2021
Kotaro was grooming a plushie otter when he was captivated by his dad’s newly invented otter toy. He began to use a ...
Otter Kotaro Gets Angry With the Annoying Hana!
Oct. 20th, 2021
Kotaro is an all-around lovable and kind-hearted character who passionately loves to investigate new things and starting t...
Kotsumet’s Otter’s Daily Routine Is Extremely Peculiar!
Aug. 30th, 2021
No one likes to wake up from a good night’s sleep feeling grouchy, and Hana the otter is no different! Every morning...
Otter Kotaro Best Moments of 2020
Dec. 30th, 2020
Kotaro can’t hide his love for smartphones, probably because he knows that they can get used to order some delicious...
Otter Kotaro & Hana When She Was a Baby
Nov. 23rd, 2019
As a baby, Hana was an irresistible sight, and it’s been amazing to watch her become the friendly and cuddly otter she is ...
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