Born: November 26th, 2018
Gender: Male

Komugi is the otter that gets along with everybody, no matter if humans, otters or other animals.

He also very fast feels at home even in unknown places, completely new to him.

His gentle manners also proved to be very helpful in tutoring the shy Ui in socializing with other otters.


Some of Komugi's Highlights

Otter Komugi Meets the Giant Sea Lion at the Aquarium Visit

Released on: Jan. 7th, 2022
Komugi meets giant Sea Lions and otter Ten, Japans oldest living otter with an age of 17 years at the Katsurahama Aquarium...

Otter Komugi & UI, Digest for 2021

Released on: Jan. 1st, 2022

Otter Komugi Chases UI !

Released on: Apr. 8th, 2021
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