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Otter Ui's Profile Picture


Born: January 1st, 2019
Gender: Female

Ui first grew up at an unfriendly place and from there came to an animal shelter. Fortunately she was found by Otterman and Aty, who decided to care about her. This was her lucky day 🙂

Not an easy task, as Ui was easily scared by people and other animals and in her defense could behave quite aggressive.

Due to the care by Otterman, Aty, Mr Cat and their otter friends, she started gradually to turn into a sweet princess who improved getting along with others.

Some of Ui's Highlights

Otter Komugi & UI, Digest for 2021

Released on: Jan. 1st, 2022
As the world looks back on the year that was 2021, one of the most exciting moments for otter fans was undoubtedly the latest and greatest adventures of Princess Ui and Otter Komugi. We take a look back at the most memorable moments of 2021 and celebrate the incredible journey of these two beloved characters. […]

Aty and UI Visit Komugi at His Birthday

Released on: Nov. 26th, 2021
Aty and Ui are on the way to visit their friend Komugi at Loutre – Otter Cafe in Osaka to congratulate him for his 3rd Birthday. Loutre’s otters jump of joy, for seeing the 2 surprise guests and Komugi guides Ui around his home place.

The Otters Received a New Camping Tent, and They Were Surprisingly Happy.

Released on: Jul. 9th, 2021
New Camping equipment for Aty and Ui has arrived. After a carefully inspection by the otters, of course first it has to be modified a bit and made otter proof. Quickly the otters moved in and made it their new playground and camping home.

UI Shows Her Girlish Side! An Otter Working Hard to Build a Nest.

Released on: May. 29th, 2021
Ui is happy with her little tent and loves to build her nest inside. Meticulously she arranges a towel until she sees it fits for a good nap. Her criteria of making the towel fit still seems to be a miracle, but somehow must make sense for her. Aty is also ready for a nap […]

When They Are Spoiled, Spoil Them to the Fullest

Released on: May. 2nd, 2021
When Ui is in a good mood, she loves to be pampered as much as possible. More and more she starts to turn into a sweet princess who is loved by everyone.
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