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About the Adorable Otters Site

The Covid-19 Lock-downs provided time to look around and see whats trendy in these silly times and we got captivated by the videos of these really adorable creatures.

But as the Otter Families showcased here have loads of videos, it showed that it was a hassle to easy find the favorite ones, so we started this Website with the purpose to save our personal favorites and make it a user friendly experience to support these Otter Families as a thanks for sharing their videos.

We hope with this site will help guiding some extra traffic to the corresponding Otter Families which keep their otters legally and with the best respect, care, dedication and love for the cute Asian small-clawed otters and share their awesome videos with the world.

We hope you enjoy this site and the videos.

The site has non-affiliate links to some Merchandising Shops of the corresponding Otter Families ( we don't receive any commissions ).
Feel free to use those links to find some unique products for yourself or as special gifts for your loved ones and support these cute YouTube Stars at the same time :-)

Copyright or any other intellectual property rights of the videos and images belong to the corresponding owners. Please contact them for permissions, in case you have good use of their intellectual properties.


Having an otter as a pet is illegal in most countries.

Beyond their awesome cuteness, otters need a lot of dedication, they can be noisy and occasionally they might bite. Even if it's just play bites, it can be quite hurtful and it's a good idea to have some band-aids in reach.

Should it be possible for you to have otters legally as pets, be prepared of a lot of work and time dedicated for looking after them. Also take in account that your water bill will rise, as well as the bill for the appropriate food for these cuties will carve a dent in your wallet. These energetic cuties eat a lot of selected fresh seafood and fish.

However, in Japan, otters can be traded, although it is limited to domestic breeds only and currently severe restrictions are in place for buying and selling otters in Japan to successfully fighting illegal trafficking.

In other countries, similar restrictions may apply, so do a careful research before thinking about having an otter as your companion. Check if you have access to a veterinarian who has experience with otters and accepts them as patients.

Also remember that Asian small-clawed otters are very social animals and need company, best by another otter or as seen in some cases even a cat might fit in.
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