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The newest Videos AT adorable otters

Otter Skillfully Steals My Smartphone
Otter Kotaro finds the smartphone in dad’s pocket and skillfully pulls it out in several occasions. Of course he wan...
Put a Jerky on the Otter Sleeping
Sakura is rolled up like a doughnut and sleeping like an angel, which invites for the experiment to wake her up with some ...
Life With Otters Is Full of Laughs
Dad was a bit upset with Kotaro, because of some mischief. Kotaro: How about some love bites as an apology? No? OK, then I...
Otter Sakura Frolicking at the Third Birthday Party
It’s Sakuras 3rd birthday and special meal is prepared for her. Of course Sa-chan impatiently demands that the prepa...
Otter Sakura Responds to “Meal Time”
Sa-chan is sleeping deeply in her “nest” even continues after her cover pillow gets pulled away. She sort of g...
Otter’s Reaction to K-Pop Girl Group.
The Korean K-Pop group Craxy made a comeback with their new album “Dance with God” and they couldn’t resist to visit Otter...
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