Born: November 24th, 2018
Gender: Female

The little chubby, but ultra cute otter girl with not so perfect table manners, as she often snatches Kotaros food when he doesn’t pays attention and no salmon is save from her.

She is a very energetic and sometimes a mischievous otter girl who can get noisy if she has to wait for food or wants some cuddles and pampering.

Some of her favorite toys are ribbons. Hana is also Komugi’s twin sister, but has a quite different personality.

Some of Hana's Highlights

Otter Runs and Cuddles Her Dad’s Arm When He Calls Her

Released on: Dec. 8th, 2021
Otter Hana can’t hide that she can be a real cuddle monster. When she is in cuddle mode, one call is enough and she ...

Introducing Hana the Cutest Otter (600K Sub Special)

Released on: May. 6th, 2021

Hana the Otter Staying up Late

Released on: Apr. 5th, 2020
After an extended siesta nap, Hana couldn’t sleep early at night. While Kotaro was already sleeping like a log, she ...

300K Sub Special! Hana the Otter Best Moments

Released on: Jan. 10th, 2020

Otter Kotaro & Hana When She Was a Baby

Released on: Nov. 23rd, 2019
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