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Born: July 30th, 2018
Gender: Male

Aty aka Captain Aty is probably the otter who has traveled the most all across Japan.

Otterman frequently goes camping and exploring rivers with his furry family, where they enjoy swimming in free nature.

When not in the rivers, one of his favorite places is inside Otterman’s jacket.

Aty is also famous for his dolphin like sounds at the end of the videos.

Some of Aty's Highlights

Unexpected Reactions When Aty Visited Namida and Wasabi

Released on: Oct. 16th, 2021
Aty visited Loutre and instantly the twins Namida and Wasabi started to chase him in a very playful mood all over the plac...

The Otters Received a New Camping Tent, and They Were Surprisingly Happy.

Released on: Jul. 9th, 2021
New Camping equipment for Aty and Ui has arrived. After a carefully inspection by the otters, of course first it has to be...

Aty Gets Stepped on by Mr. Cat, Who Quickly Apologizes

Released on: May. 11th, 2021
Aty and Mr. Cat relax and cuddle on the couch, Mr. Cat serving as a cat pillow for otter Aty. 🙂 After a while Mr. Cat wake...

Aty’s Reaction to See Lake Biwa for the First Time

Released on: Dec. 31st, 2019
Today’s journey brings Aty to lake Biwa. On the way there he naps comfortably in the cars “otter holder”...
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