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Mr Cat's Profile Picture

Mr. Cat

Born: January 9th, 2012
Gender: Male

Mr. Cat is a shy, calm and very peaceful cat.

Surprisingly he is getting along very well with the energetic otters Aty and Ui and even cuddles up with them, when they get sleepy.

As he also appears in many videos, we have chosen to show Mr. Cat here as well, together with his best otter buddies.

Some of Mr. Cat's Highlights

Aty Gets Stepped on by Mr. Cat, Who Quickly Apologizes

Released on: May. 11th, 2021
Aty and Mr. Cat relax and cuddle on the couch, Mr. Cat serving as a cat pillow for otter Aty. 🙂 After a while Mr. Cat wakes up and gets a bit restless, while his best buddy Aty is in complete lazy mode and snoozing well wrapped and hidden in the blanket. Mr. Cat then […]

A Cat That Comes and Snuggles With a Sleeping Otter

Released on: Mar. 26th, 2021
After returning from Noro Lodge, a Campsite with a beautiful river, Aty rolled up on the couch for a well deserved nap. As usual when Aty sleeps, Mr. Cat came to check if Aty sleeps well and to snuggle up with him. A bit later Aty is completely hidden under a  blanket, only his tail […]
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