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Aty, Ui & Mr. Cat

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Video Highlight's from Aty, Ui & Mr. Cat
A Day in the Life of Aty & UI
Jan. 18th, 2022
A compilation of videos featuring scenes of Aty’s and Ui’s regular activities. As they are very talkative sometimes, Otterman included the first international translator for otter language 🙂
The Otters Received a New Camping Tent, and They Were Surprisingly Happy.
Jul. 9th, 2021
New Camping equipment for Aty and Ui has arrived. After a carefully inspection by the otters, of course first it has to be modified a bit and made otter proof. Quickly the otters moved in and made it their new playground and camping home.
UI Shows Her Girlish Side! An Otter Working Hard to Build a Nest.
May. 29th, 2021
Ui is happy with her little tent and loves to build her nest inside. Meticulously she arranges a towel until she sees it fits for a good nap. Her criteria of making the towel fit still seems to be a miracle, but somehow must make sense for her. Aty is also ready for a nap […]
Aty Gets Stepped on by Mr. Cat, Who Quickly Apologizes
May. 11th, 2021
Aty and Mr. Cat relax and cuddle on the couch, Mr. Cat serving as a cat pillow for otter Aty. 🙂 After a while Mr. Cat wakes up and gets a bit restless, while his best buddy Aty is in complete lazy mode and snoozing well wrapped and hidden in the blanket. Mr. Cat then […]
A Cat That Comes and Snuggles With a Sleeping Otter
Mar. 26th, 2021
After returning from Noro Lodge, a Campsite with a beautiful river, Aty rolled up on the couch for a well deserved nap. As usual when Aty sleeps, Mr. Cat came to check if Aty sleeps well and to snuggle up with him. A bit later Aty is completely hidden under a  blanket, only his tail […]
Aty’s Reaction to See Lake Biwa for the First Time
Dec. 31st, 2019
Today’s journey brings Aty to lake Biwa. On the way there he naps comfortably in the cars “otter holder”. Arriving at the lake Aty curiously observes the shore, probably wondering about the size of the lake and thinking: “Wow – its huge and its all waiting for me!” He still is a bit hesitant – […]
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