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The History of Otters Kotaro & Hana – 1 Million Subscribers Special

Congratulations for the Kotsumet Family to their first million YouTube subscribers. This video is a timeline of about 4 years of living with the otters Hana & Kotaro condensed to 10 Minutes, with many facts about the two cuties. It contains scenes from their childhood up to the present day and as well some scenes […]
Released on: Jan. 29th, 2022

A Day in the Life of Aty & UI

A compilation of videos featuring scenes of Aty’s and Ui’s regular activities. As they are very talkative sometimes, Otterman included the first international translator for otter language 🙂
Released on: Jan. 18th, 2022

Otter Komugi & UI, Digest for 2021

As the world looks back on the year that was 2021, one of the most exciting moments for otter fans was undoubtedly the latest and greatest adventures of Princess Ui and Otter Komugi. We take a look back at the most memorable moments of 2021 and celebrate the incredible journey of these two beloved characters. […]
Released on: Jan. 1st, 2022

Aty and UI Visit Komugi at His Birthday

Aty and Ui are on the way to visit their friend Komugi at Loutre – Otter Cafe in Osaka to congratulate him for his 3rd Birthday. Loutre’s otters jump of joy, for seeing the 2 surprise guests and Komugi guides Ui around his home place.
Released on: Nov. 26th, 2021

Otter Komugi’s Third Birthday With UI and Aty!

Congratulations, Komugi celebrates his third birthday. To his great surprise his friends Aty and Ui came to a visit. As the gentlemen he is, he let Ui eat first from his birthday meal, before he starts enjoying it by himself. We hope to see many more Komugi’s birthday videos in the future.
Released on: Nov. 26th, 2021

What Kind of Campervan Would Have Otters, a Cat, and a Human Living Together?

Otterman and his furry family return from a longer road trip and present the Camper Van they used during those days. With a few little mods, it turned into a comfy rolling home for them during a longer trip to various places.
Released on: Nov. 11th, 2021

Watch Otters Travel All Over Japan! Which Scene Do You Like Best?

The otter family returned save back home after a 20 day road-trip in a camper which brought them across big parts of Japan. Even after a beautiful and trouble free trip, everyone seems to be happy to be back home: Mr. Cat is back on his cat tree, the otters Aty and Ui are happy […]
Released on: Nov. 8th, 2021

The Next Thing I Know, That Otter Is Snuggling up Us Like a Family Member.

Today’s trip leads Aty and Ui to the Zenki river in the Nara Prefecture. Aty and Ui leading the long way down to the wonderful clean river over some steep wooden stairs, looking forward to swim and explore this new playground. After a short swim it’s time for the otters third breakfast consisting of their […]
Released on: Oct. 15th, 2021

The Day UI Finally Made an Otter Friend.

Otter Komugi came to visit Aty and Ui at the Noro Lodge campsite. Komugi knew Aty from previous visits, but this time is the first time he meets Ui too. Ui not yet customed to get along with other otters first passed a few bites to Komugi, without to impress him or scaring him away. […]
Released on: Oct. 6th, 2021

Otter Komugi’s Reunion With Aty and First Meeting With UI!

Otter Komugi travelled to Noro Loge to visit Aty and meeting Ui for the first time. Ui was a bit shy at first, but after a bite or two she couldn’t resist Komugi’s talent to be a friend with everyone. Watch how Komugi is playfully dunking Ui in the water 🙂
Released on: Sep. 23rd, 2021

The Otters Received a New Camping Tent, and They Were Surprisingly Happy.

New Camping equipment for Aty and Ui has arrived. After a carefully inspection by the otters, of course first it has to be modified a bit and made otter proof. Quickly the otters moved in and made it their new playground and camping home.
Released on: Jul. 9th, 2021

UI Shows Her Girlish Side! An Otter Working Hard to Build a Nest.

Ui is happy with her little tent and loves to build her nest inside. Meticulously she arranges a towel until she sees it fits for a good nap. Her criteria of making the towel fit still seems to be a miracle, but somehow must make sense for her. Aty is also ready for a nap […]
Released on: May. 29th, 2021
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