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Otter Namida's Profile Picture


Born: April 23rd, 2021
Gender: Female

Namida is one of Otsuyu’s twin daughters. She is a very vivid and curious otter girl.

Some of Namida's Highlights

Wasabi and Namida See Soda Water for the First Time

Released on: Nov. 30th, 2021
Watch the funny reaction of the curious twins Wasabi and Namida when they get in touch for the first time with carbonated water.

Unexpected Reactions When Aty Visited Namida and Wasabi

Released on: Oct. 16th, 2021
Aty visited Loutre and instantly the twins Namida and Wasabi started to chase him in a very playful mood all over the place. Aty surprised by the attitude of the twins, even had to serve as a piggyback ride for them and auntie Odashi.

Baby Otters Meet Dad Secretly From Mom

Released on: Aug. 5th, 2021
After months of being separated from their dad, the two baby otters Namida and Wasabi were able to meet their father Oage without their mother’s knowledge. Oage is an adorable otter from Loutre Osaka who is known for his considerate and gentle attitude. His popularity among the ladies was such that two of them even […]
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