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Odashi's Profile Picture


Born: August 23rd, 2018
Gender: Female

Odashi is Otsuyu’s inseparable twin sister and auntie of the baby otters Namida and Wasabi.

When Namida and Wasabi where freshly born, Odashi  soon started co-parenting and caring too for the twins.

One of her pet peeves is that she turns over the food plate if she doesn’t like the food in it.


Some of Odashi's Highlights

Otter Children Fight Tunnel Monster?!

Released on: Sep. 18th, 2021
The 4 otters play with a 3-way cat tunnel, so trouble is unavoidable. They quickly discovered how to turn the tunnel into a great playground to play tag or hide and seek. Watch Namida’s famous Ninja jump from the bench on top of the tunnel to catch Wasabi who was hiding inside!
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