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Otter Tororo's Profile Picture


Born: June 24th, 2022
Gender: Male

Tororo is the youngest kid of Oage and Otsuyu.

He is both sociable and inquisitive, with a cheerful, friendly personality.

Tororo is a lively, amiable creature who easy makes new friends. With his curious nature, big eyes, and keen intelligence, Tororo is an incredibly endearing character.

Some of Tororo's Highlights

Otter Tororo Eats Cake on His First Birthday!

Released on: Jun. 20th, 2023
Have you ever seen an otter eat a cake? No, this isn’t the start of a whimsical children’s story. It’s the tale of Otter Tororo’s epic first birthday celebration! Tororo, the adorable otter with a playful spirit, recently turned one year old, and his otter friends decided to throw him a party like no other. […]

Otter Tororo 1 Year Growth Special Story

Released on: Jun. 17th, 2023
It all began on a sunny day in June when Otter Tororo made his grand entrance into the world. Born on June 20th, 2022, Tororo instantly captured the hearts of everyone around him with his tiny size and adorable features. His arrival brought immense joy to his otter family, especially his doting mother, Otsuyu. Otsuyu, […]

Otter Tororo, Happy Half Birthday!

Released on: Dec. 20th, 2022
To commemorate the six-month milestone of Otter Tororo, the family gathered to enjoy some delicious special sushi in celebration, made by Papa Loutre. He takes great pride in creating a special menu for the otters, starting by sourcing the freshest ingredients, including salmon and ocean-caught fish, presented on minced chicken instead of rice. The end […]

Otters Flinch at the Squeak of a Hungry Baby

Released on: Dec. 13th, 2022
For the first time, otter Tororo met Hana and Kotaro. Tororo and Kotaro got along instantly, and began swimming in the pool together. Kotsumet dad had to hold back Hana as she can be territorial and unpredictable around unfamiliar otters. However, Tororo, who was only five months old, was fearless and he quickly approached Hana […]
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