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Otter Choco looking surprised


Born: February 5th, 2023
Gender: Male

Otter Choco is the youngest member of this otter litter that includes Beat, Mini, and L (Large).

While Choco may be a bit shy, he certainly isn’t boring! Once he starts playing with his siblings and larger brother, he transforms into an enthusiastic and lively playmate.

Moreover, when it comes to enjoying a scrumptious lunch, Choco has no trouble indulging himself alongside his family.

Some of Choco's Highlights

Otter Odashi’s & Otsuyu’s, Happy 5th Birthday!

Released on: Aug. 24th, 2023
Dive into a world of cuteness and mischief during the celebration of the 5th birthday of everyone's favorite otter twins, Odashi and Otsuyu! These delightful little creatures have captured our hearts with their playful personalities and undeniable charm, making it difficult not to be captivated by their adorable antics.
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