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Born: February 4th, 2021
Gender: Female

Mocha / baby otter(Girl) of Latte and Dolce.

She is growing up given all the love by her mother latte and father Dolce and soon became famous for her hair-styling skills.

Some of Mocha's Highlights

Baby Otter Mocha’s Growth Stories Collection (Day 1 to 1YEAR)

Released on: Feb. 5th, 2022
Follow Mocha’s story from birth to become a healthy and sweet 1 year old otter girl. Her mom Latte didn’t had ...

Otter Mocha Wishes, “Happy New Year!”

Released on: Feb. 1st, 2022
Mocha, dressed in a traditional "hanbok", wishes you all a "Happy year of the tiger!" and of course plays out all her cute...

Mocha Falls in Love With Wellness Massages!

Released on: Jan. 5th, 2022
Watch how otter princess Mocha enjoys her massage from Grandpa. It’s undeniable that she loves to get pampered to th...

The Baby Otter Tries to Escape Without Her Mother Knowing!

Released on: Jul. 23rd, 2021
Curious little Mocha wants to explore the world outside of the nest on her own. Though she didn’t count in the swift...

Mocha the Baby Otter Is the Cutest in the World!

Released on: Jul. 11th, 2021
Cute little Mocha loves to play and get pampered when her parents went for a swimming in the pool. She loves acting cute a...
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