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Otter Latte's Profile Picture new


Born: February 7th, 2014
Gender: Female

Latte is Mocha’s Mommy otter.

She is a kind and regal Princess, with rosy lips and a nose that wrinkles when she smiles, always ready to spread warmth and joy!

Latte is quite a finicky eater, who adores salmon above all else and eats it right away. As with other foods, she always takes the time to give it a careful sniff and examination before deciding if she’ll eat it or not.

Some of Latte's Highlights

Otter Family Received Natural Squid as a Gift!

Released on: Jan. 12th, 2022
A YouTuber friend of Otter’s Home returned from a successfully fishing trip with a variety of delicious squids for a tasting by the otters. This turned into the big squid challenge by the otter family. 3 different squids, which one they like the most? Of course little Mocha was the first one to grab a […]
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