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Dolce's Profile Picture


Born: November 1st, 2019
Gender: Male

Dolce is the proud and carrying daddy otter of the wonderful otter girl Mocha.

He is a playful, mischievous and friendly boy with black lips and nose.  Though when food arrives, he can’t hide his wild side and will jump and tip the food plate if one isn’t careful enough.

Some of Dolce's Highlights

Otter Family Received Natural Squid as a Gift!

Released on: Jan. 12th, 2022
A YouTuber friend of Otter’s Home returned from a successfully fishing trip with a variety of delicious squids for a tasting by the otters. This turned into the big squid challenge by the otter family. 3 different squids, which one they like the most? Of course little Mocha was the first one to grab a […]

Dolce’s Paternal Love for Baby Otter Mocha

Released on: Apr. 13th, 2021
First time father Dolce needed some time to adapt to his new role of co-parenting their newly born daughter, Mocha. Very fast, he adapted to become a very caring spouse to Late and father to the fast-growing Mocha. He properly takes care of Mocha when Latte heads for a sim in the pool, and is […]
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