Otter Cocoa's Profile Picture


Born: December 21st, 2017
Gender: Female

Curious and funny otter girl at Loutre Osaka

When the otters Odashi and Otsuyu were babies, Cocoa became their foster mom and did her best to provide them with the care they needed.

Some of Cocoa's Highlights

Otter Cocoa’s 4th Birthday Dinner Increased Stamina!

Released on: Dec. 28th, 2021
Cocoa and Komugi were playing in the Yard when a tray of Cocoa’s favorite foods appeared mystically. This was in hon...

Otter Saw iPhone 13PRO and Started Building a Nest to Show Off Her Good Side?!

Released on: Dec. 10th, 2021
Loutre Mom celebrated the arrival of her new iPhone by filming the otters, Komugi and Cocoa, during their swim in the pool...
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