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Born: April 22nd, 2016
Gender: Female

Sakura or sa-chan is a very cute otter princess who can become very talkative and noisy if she wants to be pampered or has to wait until food is prepared.

She is also a very dexterous otter girl, capable of opening everything that’s not toddler proof, specially the fridge, which she frequently searches for hidden goodies when the lock accidentally is left open.

When she’s not up to some playful wrestling with her best buddy, the cat Mochi, she also loves to be a real cuddle monster.

Some of Sakura's Highlights

Otter Sakura Eating While Talking Continuously

Released on: Feb. 4th, 2022
Sakuras funny conversation when eating a chicken snack: Sakura: Yummy - this is good - nyam nyam nyam - oh, another piece ...

Otter Sakura’s Best Scenes!

Released on: Dec. 31st, 2021
Princess Sa-chan loves to be pampered, but complains loudly when she misses attention or if a fluffy plushie otter gets pa...

A Roundup of the Most Popular Otter Videos of 2021!

Released on: Dec. 24th, 2021
This is a compilation of the top 5 videos from Sakura and Mochi. Join Sakura on her outdoor exploration and swimming in th...

Otter Sakura Opens Every Door in the House!

Released on: Dec. 1st, 2021
In this video the smart otter Sakura demonstrates her ability to open every door which isn’t specially secured. It...

Sakura Searching Mochi Who Is Hiding on the Fridge

Released on: Sep. 8th, 2020
Sakura is restless running around after she noticed that her best buddy Mochi seems to have disappeared. Looking everywher...
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