Hey, it’s bright outside, time to wake up and make breakfast!

Best start with a few belly rubs and turning dad into a playground.

Oh – he’s awake, but not wanting to get out of bed. So it’s time for some gentle morning bites to show that I love him 🙂

Curious little Mocha wants to explore the world outside of the nest on her own.

Though she didn’t count in the swift reaction of her parents, specially her mother Latte who doesn’t hesitate to repeatedly drag Mocha back to the nest.

Of course dad Dolce didn’t stay back and helped Latte to return the escaping Mocha.

Follow Mocha’s story from birth to become a healthy and sweet 1 year old otter girl.

Her mom Latte didn’t had milk, so Mocha was raised by hand with a milk bottle.

Fortunately she did grow well, thanks to the great care and attention by the people at Otter’s Home.

It’s a 2 hours compilation with many funny and otterly cute scenes.

Cute little Mocha loves to play and get pampered when her parents went for a swimming in the pool.

She loves acting cute and being at the center of attention. Play bites included.

Aty visited Loutre and instantly the twins Namida and Wasabi started to chase him in a very playful mood all over the place.

Aty surprised by the attitude of the twins, even had to serve as a piggyback ride for them and auntie Odashi.

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