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The otter family returned save back home after a 20 day road-trip in a camper which brought them across big parts of Japan.

Even after a beautiful and trouble free trip, everyone seems to be happy to be back home: Mr. Cat is back on his cat tree, the otters Aty and Ui are happy wrestling and chasing each other around the place and otterman had time to compile the best of clips from this journey into this video.

On their journey they met with their friends from Loutre Otter Cafe at the rivers, visited Loutre Kyoto, where Aty got chased by the twins Namida and Wasabi and visited countless beautiful scenery’s at the sea and rivers.

Watch all the full videos from this trip on the YouTube® play list.

Today’s journey brings Aty to lake Biwa. On the way there he naps comfortably in the cars “otter holder”.

Arriving at the lake Aty curiously observes the shore, probably wondering about the size of the lake and thinking: “Wow – its huge and its all waiting for me!”

He still is a bit hesitant – should he run straight into the water or better check the beach and the waves.

But after otterman threw a wooden stick into the lake he couldn’t resist anymore and went swimming to fetch the wood.

As days like these invite to end with a campfire dinner for otterman and of course Aty nesting for a nap in the hoodie.

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