To commemorate the six-month milestone of Otter Tororo, the family gathered to enjoy some delicious special sushi in celebration, made by Papa Loutre.

He takes great pride in creating a special menu for the otters, starting by sourcing the freshest ingredients, including salmon and ocean-caught fish, presented on minced chicken instead of rice. The end result is a delightful array of nuggets that all the otters love to devour.

The presentation of the sushi platter is always a delight to behold; it looks almost too good to eat! But the otters Tororo and Odashi doesn’t think twice about diving in and savoring every bite.

They continued to eat the sushi until the plate was empty, and then Tororo finished off the indulgent meal by washing it down with some fresh water served in a little bowl.

With dad Oage and mom Otsuyu joining in on the festivities, the entire Otter family is filled with joy and happiness

With a sushi feast prepared by Papa Loutre, Otter Tororo’s half-year birthday celebration is sure to be memorable and delicious.

It’s Sakuras 3rd birthday and special meal is prepared for her.

Of course Sa-chan impatiently demands that the preparation should be done faster or at least wants some treats while she has to wait.

But the wait was worth it and finally Sa-chan receives her delicious birthday meal with her favorite fishes and chicken, nicely presented as a slice of birthday cake.

Otter’s Home celebrates Mocha’s first birthday!

The team at Otter’s Home prepared an awesome birthday lunch with salmon, abalone (Mocha’s favorite) and lobster for the 3 otters.

Not an easy task with little Mocha trying her best jumps to get on the table during the preparation of the delicious salmon sashimi.

Mocha, we all wish you many more birthdays like this.

Congratulations, Komugi celebrates his third birthday.

To his great surprise his friends Aty and Ui came to a visit. As the gentlemen he is, he let Ui eat first from his birthday meal, before he starts enjoying it by himself.

We hope to see many more Komugi’s birthday videos in the future.

Aty and Ui are on the way to visit their friend Komugi at Loutre – Otter Cafe in Osaka to congratulate him for his 3rd Birthday.

Loutre’s otters jump of joy, for seeing the 2 surprise guests and Komugi guides Ui around his home place.

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