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Kotaro can’t hide his love for smartphones, probably because he knows that they can get used to order some delicious food.

Anything new needs to be thoroughly inspected by him, to check if it fits as toy or if there could be any food inside, which earns him the nickname Professor Kotaro.

Unlike Hana he loves everything that sprays water and likes to play with it.

And no matter if he wears a bow-tie or batman wings, he always looks very cute.

This is a compilation of the top 5 videos from Sakura and Mochi.

Join Sakura on her outdoor exploration and swimming in the river, cuddle up for a nap, like a baby, not letting her being disturbed by some pampering.

Next she managed to open the fridge, starting to explore for goodies in and under the fridge until she got caught.

What happens if Sa-chan and Mochi are staying home alone? A pet cam will reveal the activities of the two cutties..

Princess Sa-chan loves to be pampered, but complains loudly when she misses attention or if a fluffy plushie otter gets pampered instead of her.

Watch the cute scenes when Sakura cuddles with her best buddy, the cat Mochi.

From deeply sleeping to full awake in a second. See what happens if jerky is spread around the sleeping Sakura.

As a great start into the year of the Tiger, Otter’s Home presents some of the best moments in 2021.

Mocha has grown up quite a bit and became a very cute otter girl, sending her New Year’s wishes in a matching tiger costume.

Mother Latte received an award for the best eater in the family.

Even during a visit of a well known K-Pop star, she was more interested in the food than in the celebrity visitor, and big pieces of squid and salmon don’t get her scared.

Following is Dolce, showing his transformation to a responsible and caring young father of Mocha.

Last but not least, there is Mocha, who grew from a hand fed, grey cotton ball into a beautiful and vivid otter princess.

Of course, there is also grandpa who is never too tired to play with the otters, or serving as their playground and even goes the extra mile to go fishing for the furry family.

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