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Otter and a Cat Went for a Walk, Running Side by Side.

Sakura and Mochi are on their outdoor walk. Not an easy task, as Mochi and Sa-chan have different points of interest. Though both liked to take a sand bath and roll around in the sandbox. After extensively exploring the area Mochi spotted a birdie and tries to catch it, but without success. Did it put […]
Released on: Feb. 2nd, 2022

Sakura and Mochi Exploring the First Snow in a Long Time.

Big surprise when opening the curtains in the morning . It’s all white and fresh snow still keeps falling. Sa-chan immediately got curious, even despite by nature she isn’t fan of the cold. So after a few steps in the snow she jumps back onto the deck because of her cold paws For cat Mochi […]
Released on: Jan. 7th, 2022

Otter Sakura’s Best Scenes!

Princess Sa-chan loves to be pampered, but complains loudly when she misses attention or if a fluffy plushie otter gets pampered instead of her. Watch the cute scenes when Sakura cuddles with her best buddy, the cat Mochi. From deeply sleeping to full awake in a second. See what happens if jerky is spread around […]
Released on: Dec. 31st, 2021

A Roundup of the Most Popular Otter Videos of 2021!

This is a compilation of the top 5 videos from Sakura and Mochi. Join Sakura on her outdoor exploration and swimming in the river, cuddle up for a nap, like a baby, not letting her being disturbed by some pampering. Next she managed to open the fridge, starting to explore for goodies in and under […]
Released on: Dec. 24th, 2021

Sakura Searching Mochi Who Is Hiding on the Fridge

Sakura is restless running around after she noticed that her best buddy Mochi seems to have disappeared. Looking everywhere, even in the shopping bag, strangely Mochi couldn’t be found. Suddenly Mochi appeared from the top of the fridge and got spotted by Sa-chan, who started to jump of joy and ending in a cuddle/wrestle between […]
Released on: Sep. 8th, 2020

Otter Sakura With an Increasing Number of Families

Sa-chan is getting company from the cat Mochi which was still a kitten at that time. In short time, they became best friends and playmates who wrestle and cuddle together, depending on their moods.
Released on: Jun. 8th, 2020
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