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Otter Odashi’s & Otsuyu’s, Happy 5th Birthday!

Dive into a world of cuteness and mischief during the celebration of the 5th birthday of everyone's favorite otter twins, Odashi and Otsuyu! These delightful little creatures have captured our hearts with their playful personalities and undeniable charm, making it difficult not to be captivated by their adorable antics.
Released on: Aug. 24th, 2023

Otter Tororo Eats Cake on His First Birthday!

Have you ever seen an otter eat a cake? No, this isn’t the start of a whimsical children’s story. It’s the tale of Otter Tororo’s epic first birthday celebration! Tororo, the adorable otter with a playful spirit, recently turned one year old, and his otter friends decided to throw him a party like no other. […]
Released on: Jun. 20th, 2023

Otter Tororo, Happy Half Birthday!

To commemorate the six-month milestone of Otter Tororo, the family gathered to enjoy some delicious special sushi in celebration, made by Papa Loutre. He takes great pride in creating a special menu for the otters, starting by sourcing the freshest ingredients, including salmon and ocean-caught fish, presented on minced chicken instead of rice. The end […]
Released on: Dec. 20th, 2022

Otter Komugi Meets the Giant Sea Lion at the Aquarium Visit

Komugi meets giant Sea Lions and otter Ten, Japans oldest living otter with an age of 17 years at the Katsurahama Aquarium. There is lots to see at the Aquarium for Komugi, who looks at the Penguins like he is thinking if they might taste like chicken, or was he just interested in the fish […]
Released on: Jan. 7th, 2022

Otter Komugi & UI, Digest for 2021

As the world looks back on the year that was 2021, one of the most exciting moments for otter fans was undoubtedly the latest and greatest adventures of Princess Ui and Otter Komugi. We take a look back at the most memorable moments of 2021 and celebrate the incredible journey of these two beloved characters. […]
Released on: Jan. 1st, 2022

Otter Cocoa’s 4th Birthday Dinner Increased Stamina!

Cocoa and Komugi were playing in the Yard when a tray of Cocoa’s favorite foods appeared mystically. This was in honor of Cocoa; the salmon slices had been shaped to form her name. The two otters eagerly began to eat, using perfect table manners. Unfortunately, the three-tiered tray could not bear the weight of the […]
Released on: Dec. 28th, 2021

Otter Saw iPhone 13PRO and Started Building a Nest to Show Off Her Good Side?!

Loutre Mom celebrated the arrival of her new iPhone by filming the otters, Komugi and Cocoa, during their swim in the pool. To mark the special event, she prepared a feast for the two of them, consisting of their favorite boiled eggs and pork. Komugi began eating the delicious snacks right away, but where was […]
Released on: Dec. 10th, 2021

The Popular Otter Bob, What Is His Weakness?

Stepping into the limelight is Bob, the famous otter who has taken the internet by storm with his hilarious antics and adorable expressions. From being featured in countless viral videos, to having an impressive number of followers on his social media accounts, Bob has gained an incredible amount of attention from all walks of life. […]
Released on: Dec. 9th, 2021

Wasabi and Namida See Soda Water for the First Time

Watch the funny reaction of the curious twins Wasabi and Namida when they get in touch for the first time with carbonated water.
Released on: Nov. 30th, 2021

Otter Komugi’s Third Birthday With UI and Aty!

Congratulations, Komugi celebrates his third birthday. To his great surprise his friends Aty and Ui came to a visit. As the gentlemen he is, he let Ui eat first from his birthday meal, before he starts enjoying it by himself. We hope to see many more Komugi’s birthday videos in the future.
Released on: Nov. 26th, 2021

Otter Children Told Otter Aty They Wanted a Piggyback Ride!

Aty and Otterman visit Loutre Kyoto for the first time and met with Wasabi, Namida, Odashi and Bob. The twins Namida and Wasabi, around 6month old at that time, where not shy at all and immediately started to play with Aty and chase him around. Wasabi even tried to play rodeo with Aty until he […]
Released on: Oct. 16th, 2021

Who is Otter Okayu?

Okayu is a cute and playful otter girl form Loutre Osaka. one of her favorites is juggling with ice cubes or playing with her best friend Mayuge. Another love is her bento box with snacks, which she opens on her own and taking a nap after snacks. When she sleeps, she looks like an angel […]
Released on: Oct. 1st, 2021
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