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Otter Families
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Otters Flinch at the Squeak of a Hungry Baby

For the first time, otter Tororo met Hana and Kotaro. Tororo and Kotaro got along instantly, and began swimming in the pool together. Kotsumet dad had to hold back Hana as she can be territorial and unpredictable around unfamiliar otters. However, Tororo, who was only five months old, was fearless and he quickly approached Hana […]
Released on: Dec. 13th, 2022

Otter Skillfully Steals My Smartphone

Otter Kotaro finds the smartphone in dad’s pocket and skillfully pulls it out in several occasions. Of course he wants to keep it for himself and giving it back is not an option! It looks like he noticed, that it can be used to call some home delivery service and wants to use it for […]
Released on: Feb. 20th, 2022

The History of Otters Kotaro & Hana – 1 Million Subscribers Special

Congratulations for the Kotsumet Family to their first million YouTube subscribers. This video is a timeline of about 4 years of living with the otters Hana & Kotaro condensed to 10 Minutes, with many facts about the two cuties. It contains scenes from their childhood up to the present day and as well some scenes […]
Released on: Jan. 29th, 2022

Yawning Otters Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

After returning from a camping trip with Aty, Ui and Otterman, Hana and Kotaro love to relax in the cozy bed at home. Of course it feels to good good for them to get out of the pillows and blankets in the morning. Hana: Blinks  – Yawn – is it time to get up? nope […]
Released on: Dec. 21st, 2021

Otter Runs and Cuddles Her Dad’s Arm When He Calls Her

Otter Hana can’t disguise the fact that she can be an absolute cuddle-monster. When she’s feeling cuddly, one call is usually enough for her to come snuggling up next to you, demanding loudly for attention and expecting to be spoiled if it is not given right away. However, this doesn’t always work, such as when […]
Released on: Dec. 8th, 2021

Funny Otter Hits a Ball in Mid-Air Like a Volleyball Player

Kotaro was grooming a plushie otter when he was captivated by his dad’s newly invented otter toy. He began to use a hair dryer set to cold air, making plastic balls float midair. This aroused Kotaro’s curiosity and he instantly tried to catch the balls. Before long, he had mastered the skill of volleying them […]
Released on: Nov. 12th, 2021

Otter Kotaro Gets Angry With the Annoying Hana!

Kotaro is an all-around lovable and kind-hearted character who passionately loves to investigate new things and starting to play with them. Until his best friend, the mischievous Hana, crosses the line when her curiosity in Kotaro’s toys become to persistent. In this video, they both get a new purse to play with. Hana’s moment of […]
Released on: Oct. 20th, 2021

Life With Otters Is Full of Laughs

Dad was a bit upset with Kotaro, because of some mischief. Kotaro: How about some love bites as an apology? No? OK, then I just look a bit guilty until he forgives me because I’m way cute when I try to look serious. A bit later on the balcony: Kotaro: Can I help you gardening? […]
Released on: Sep. 21st, 2021

Kotsumet’s Otter’s Daily Routine Is Extremely Peculiar!

No one likes to wake up from a good night’s sleep feeling grouchy, and Hana the otter is no different! Every morning, Hana greets the start of the day with a bit of a grumble. Once she is out of her cozy den, however, Hana’s day quickly takes an unexpected turn. Every day, she juggles […]
Released on: Aug. 30th, 2021

A Suspicious Looking Figure Visits the Kotsumet Otters

Kotaro loves to relax on the balcony and take in the various sounds that he hears from outside. Recently, however, one sound stood out from the rest: a peculiar visitor made it’s way to the Kotsumet Otters’ balcony. The Crow descended upon the roof, then fluttered down to the balcony railings to view the interesting […]
Released on: Jun. 10th, 2021

Introducing Hana the Cutest Otter (600K Sub Special)

To celebrate the 600K YouTube subscribers, Kotsumet made a video to introduce to you Hana, the cutest otter online. Everyone who meets her is charmed by her friendly and bubbly personality, along with her sweet, endearing face and expressive tail. Approximately one year after Kotaro joined the family, Hana became part of it, a three-month-old […]
Released on: May. 6th, 2021

Introducing Kotaro the Smartest and Funniest Otter (500K Sub Special)

Kotsumet celebrates 500K YouTube Subscribers with a special spotlight on our favorite furry friend, Kotaro the Otter! As the brightest, smartest, and funniest otter around, there’s no doubt that Kotaro has won our hearts. Here are some fun facts about him that you may not have known before: 1. Kotaro is a champion of intelligence […]
Released on: May. 1st, 2021
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