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Otter Waku-Waku with coconut

Waku Waku

Born: February 11th, 2023
Gender: Male

Waku Waku, an inquisitive and lively otter, possesses a mischievous nature that often leads to amusing escapades.

Fish, chicken, eggs, and coconuts rank high on his list of preferred foods.

Prepare to be entertained by his comical antics!

Some of Waku Waku's Highlights

Splash and Waku’s Love for Coconuts

Released on: Oct. 20th, 2023
To kickstart their day, Splash and Waku indulge in a refreshing gulp of coconut water, only to be pleasantly surprised by the presence of two coconuts brimming with mouthwatering strands of freshly sliced coconut flesh. Without wasting any time, they eagerly plunge their hands into the coconut, retrieving their favored tropical fruit. With amusing gestures, […]

Otter Babies Splash & Waku Trying Fish for the First Time

Released on: Apr. 13th, 2023
In their miniature pond, two adorable baby otters named Splash and Waku-Waku eagerly anticipated their first encounter with fish. Tentatively, each of them received a tiny fish, uncertain whether it was a mere plaything or something edible. Engaging in playful antics with their newfound toys, Waku-Waku was the first to make a remarkable discovery – […]
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