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Otter Bob's Profile Picture


Born: January 15th, 2018
Gender: Male

Otter Bob is a cute, gentle and little bit shy male otter.

Bob also likes playing with the twins Namida and Wasabi and they love to play with their uncle Bob and play their pranks.

When not playing, swimming or eating, he likes to cuddle and getting pampered until he gets sleepy.

Some of Bob's Highlights

Otter Bobs Cute Way to Ask For His Favorite Snacks

Released on: Apr. 27th, 2022
Brace yourself for cuteness overload as we dive into the escapades of the lovable Otter Bob from Loutre Otter Cafe in Osaka! Otter Bob embarks on his routine, showcasing his remarkable talent of gracefully twirling 360 degrees on his hind legs – all for the irresistible reward of his favorite jerky snack. Witnessing this charming […]

Otter Bobs Loves to Play With Loutre Mom

Released on: Feb. 11th, 2022
Welcome to the Loutre Otter Cafe, an oasis of endearing charm that promises an unforgettable otter experience. At the heart of this whimsical paradise is none other than the adorable otter Bob, a creature whose boundless energy and remarkable intelligence make him the star of the show. Bob is no ordinary otter. His dexterity is […]

From Pool to Lap: Adorable Otter Bob Naps After a Swim

Released on: Mar. 1st, 2021
After a refreshing swim in the pool, Otter Bob emerges from the water, but before he continues with his day, there’s one important ritual that he must perform – the “dry wiggle.” With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin, Otter Bob scampers over to a nearby towel and begins to shake off […]

Otter Bob Has Learned a New Technique!

Released on: Oct. 19th, 2020
Otter Bob, the talented resident of Loutre Otter Cafe in Osaka, is always up for learning new tricks, especially when a delicious treat is involved as a reward. Loutre Mom, who knows Bob’s favorite snack is a piece of jerky, cleverly draws a circle in the air to grab Bob’s attention and motivate him to […]

Otter Bob and His Antics

Released on: May. 30th, 2020
In a world filled with adorable animal antics, there is one creature that steals the show effortlessly – Otter Bob. Prepare to be captivated by the heartwarming tale of this mischievous Asian small clawed otter as we delve into his unforgettable antics at the Loutre Otter Cafe in Japan. In a world filled with chaos […]
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