Born: January 15th, 2018
Gender: Male

Otter Bob is a cute, gentle and little bit shy male otter.

Bob also likes playing with the twins Namida and Wasabi and they love to play with their uncle Bob and play their pranks.

When not playing, swimming or eating, he likes to cuddle and getting pampered until he gets sleepy.

Some of Bob's Highlights

Otter Bob Has Learned a New Technique!

Released on: Oct. 19th, 2020
After some cuddles and playing with his favorite toy, cute otter Bob shows his elegant pirouettes and gets rewarded with d...

Happy Second Birthday for Otter Bob

Released on: Jan. 15th, 2020
Congratulations otter Bob for your second birthday. Amongst the gifts was also a big inflatable dolphin, which initially s...
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