Asian small-clawed Otters are extremely cute, energetic, very social, pretty intelligent and dexterous animals.

If you can legally keep otters, the first task will be to make the place otter proof!

The owner of Otter’s Home explains 7 reasons why otters should not be pets.

Otters are semi aquatic animals, so they need a lot of water, like a generous sized pool, a little river, a pond or lake.

Otters are very energetic and need to play, swim and roam around. So they stay healthier, won’t get fat and live longer.

Be prepared to go on 1-2 hours of daily walks, visit with the otters rivers and lakes, like Otterman with Aty and Ui does.

On top they seem to know how cute they are and can demand loudly to get pampered and spoiled, when they feel like it.

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